Children International

Children International

Children International is an organization that works together with children and youth in Quito and Guayaquil to promote their leadership and growth through leadership, health and education programs.

Within their support structure, they manage the issue of employability where youth programs have been designed to help sponsored children transform their lives. Two impactful programs are the HOPE (Skills and Opportunity through Education) Fund and Toward Employment®. HOPE scholarships help eligible youth attend college, and Hacia el Empleo offers technical training and job opportunities.

The technical training offers basic knowledge tools that allow professional and labor growth for the development of activities in the insertion of the young population to their first work experience.

Work of Minerva Products Co. Ltda.

As Productos Minerva Cía. Ltda., we are interested in fostering the personal and professional development of young people, which is why we work together with Children International in the selection process for positions in areas that match the technical training and specialization provided in the program. In this way, we encourage young people to have the opportunity to attend an interview where they can develop the relationship and personal skills they have developed through the program and apply for a position according to their profile. We are currently working with 3 young people from the Children International program who are in the area of production and distribution.