Fidal Foundation

Fidal Foundation

Foundation for the Integration and Development of Latin America FIDAL. It is a non-governmental organization of national and international development, in terms of cooperation, coordination and assistance in educational and training areas, which also has among its concerns, to generate a sustainable environmental awareness, improve the national educational system, collaborate with democracy in the country through forums and conferences to the public, among others.

Its support for education has no limits, it seeks to improve the quality of the teaching and learning system, so it has developed the 2018 Leadership School – Training Center for the Future.

The Leadership School of the Training Center for the Future (CFF) of Fundación FIDAL is a project that seeks to promote capacity building and training development of young Ecuadorian leaders.

It also seeks to develop technical capacities of potential public and private managers, deepen training processes that result in strengthening ethical action and the qualification of leaders who contribute to and respect the institutionality of democracy; and, above all, to generate the strategic capacity to influence public policies aimed at development, with a particular focus on improving the quality of life of all Ecuadorians.

The program runs from May to October of each year and is aimed at young people between 18 and 35 years of age.
with virtual homework assigned each week. Each module includes specialized lectures, workshops and teamwork.

Work of Minerva Products Co. Ltda.

Products Minerva Cía. Ltda., committed to the future and development of Ecuador and its young actors, works jointly with the Fidal Foundation and the Training Center for the Future (CFF) through the grant of a scholarship for the period 2021, which includes accommodation, food and transportation, materials, access to online content and certification for proactive young people willing to learn, exchange, grow and take action as public and private managers for the benefit of their community, society and the country.